Group Travel Expert

You may have questions about group travel. Below I have listed some of the popular questions that I get asked about group travel.

Is there a minimum amount of rooms that would be needed to be considered a group?

Yes, the number of rooms that would be considered a group can vary from hotels and cruise lines. The minimum amount of rooms to be considered a group from some suppliers is 5. Most cruise lines will require 8 staterooms to be considered a group.

What kind of groups can be formed? 

As long as you have enough people to book the required amount of rooms, you can be considered a group. Some examples of group travel can include:

  • Destination weddings including bachelor/bachelorette parties

  • Wellness retreats

  • School groups including senior trips, dance competitions and band performances

  • Girls/ guys getaways 

  • Large family/extended family vacations & reunions

  • Team building retreats

Is there a discount or an incentive to book a group trip?

Yes! Hotels may offer discounted room rates for a group block, cruise lines may off 1 free berth for every set number of staterooms booked or on-board credit per stateroom, and all-inclusive resorts that offer destination weddings may offer a free room credit for every set number of rooms booked. 

What's the difference between contracted and non-contracted or flexible group?

While the obvious is true, contracted